WordCamp Raleigh Recap

Headed downtown this past weekend for WordCamp Raleigh 2013 at the Sheraton. In case you’re not aware, WordCamp is the conference for WordPress which, at $40 a ticket, is a great deal. Plus they come to me for an annual conference – practically in my backyard – it’s pretty great.

This was my second year attending WordCamp and the third time it has come to Raleigh. The general format includes three “tracks”: general user, power user and the developer tracks. In past year’s I’ve attended the general and power user tracks; this year I was happy to move on to the developer’s track and I’m hoping to participate further next year by offering to present.

This year’s sessions included several on how best to manage client relations and work as a freelancer. Since I have steady employment and do my work on the side, those topics were not as relevant for me but were still inspiring. Other sessions, including those on Git with WordPress and an excellent dynamic sidebar solution from Ed Nailor of Red Creative Marketing. Can’t wait to try some of this stuff out!

As with any good conference the best takeaway was the contacts. I met a couple new contacts from the Charlotte area and reconnected with someone I met at BarCamp a couple years ago – always great to know more people out there!

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