Leading with the Benefits: Why the “P” in Presentation Prep Should be for PERSPECTIVE

sarah glova speaking

Reify Media delivered an informal presentation about LinkedIn earlier this year at a local engineering consulting firm, Porticos. If, just a few short years ago, you had asked me to facilitate a discussion about LinkedIn, I would have presented slide after PowerPoint slide of well-researched LinkedIn data. Luckily, for the Porticos engineers especially, that’s no longer my presentation style.

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Do you even Bitmoji?

As the Business Development & Marketing Manager for Reify, I get to check out so many new and cool tools. Recently, I’ve seen a lot of questions about and new uses for a free app that provides tons of social media content and hours of entertainment. And I want to share it with you!

Check out our guide to BITMOJI to learn more, and of course, shoot me a message if you have more ideas, want to share questions, or just want to show off your Bitmoji avatar!

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Redress Raleigh Example: How to Tweet at an Event

I had the pleasure of attending The 2015 Redress Raleigh Eco-Fashion Show this month. It was a fantastic event, and since I had the remote to my life with me (also known as my phone), I decided to do some practice tweeting and share those strategies on our blog. Why Tweet from an Event? Tweeting at […]

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Talk Like Shakespeare Day: How an obscure celebration is a great blog muse

Talk like Shakespeare Day

Tis April 23rd, the accepted anniversary of William Shakespeare’s birth and death. What better way to celebrate than a day devoted to the poet and playwright’s turns of phrase and bawdy puns? Unless your an old-school English nerd, why should this day matter? Our calendar is full of strange and obscure holidays that turn ordinary […]

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Porticos Press Releases: Spreading the word about innovation

Porticos news page

Porticos is a product design and development company, an engineering consulting firm with innovation at its core. Their slogan, product design for the way we’re designed, showcases their focus: engineering experience paired with product expertise. As a consultant for leading companies, for novel start-ups, and for military organizations, Porticos excels in all directions. But to […]

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