Summer 2017 Color Palettes

summer color palettes

Our Summer 2017 color palettes are here, just in time for beach trips, popsicle snacks, and 4th of July festivities!

Join us for three color palette examples that highlight inspiring summer colors. We hope they add spark to your Summer 2017 projects!

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Spring Color Palettes

Our Spring 2017 color palettes are here, just in time for the warmer weather. When creating a color palette I like to pick 3-5 colors Main Color (1) Accent Colors (2-3) Background Color (1) MAIN COLOR This one gets noticed first. The main color will help bring out certain emotions or feelings when people see […]

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Autumnal Inspiration: Selecting a color palette

When someone asks where to start when choosing a color palette for a new project, I say: Look around you! There are so many ideas found just outside your window (color combinations, textures, and lighting effects all inspired by nature). Or turn to your favorite stock photo website to scroll through photographs for inspiration. It’s […]

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Canva is Candy for the Creative

Why I use Canva for creating social media posts, business holiday cards, event posters, and more (…even my personal wedding invitations). I love Canva. When people ask me about our social media posts, or the holiday cards we sent out last year, I can’t help but smile. Then, I ask “Have you ever used Canva?” […]

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Welcome to the Web,! Certus Rental Properties offers property management services to lake home owners on and around Lake Gaston. Melody Hughes, Owner of Certus Rental Properties, is a licensed realtor who focuses on providing a high level of service to both homeowners and renters. After successfully managing her own home on Lake Gaston and […]

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Designing Handouts for Active Learning Workshops

This is the front side of the handout for the "Effective Pedagogy for Enhanced Student Engagement in a Mobile Lecture Room" session.

Before leading a recent workshop series, I armed myself carefully: not with detailed PowerPoint slides or Prezi paths… but with handouts. This past May, I was invited to facilitate five different workshops for faculty at South Dakota State University, starting with an introduction to the FLIP model and then moving into effective pedagogy for enhanced student engagement within active learning […]

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