Designing Handouts for Active Learning Workshops

This is the front side of the handout for the "Effective Pedagogy for Enhanced Student Engagement in a Mobile Lecture Room" session.

Before leading a recent workshop series, I armed myself carefully: not with detailed PowerPoint slides or Prezi paths… but with handouts. This past May, I was invited to facilitate five different workshops for faculty at South Dakota State University, starting with an introduction to the FLIP model and then moving into effective pedagogy for enhanced student engagement within active learning […]

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Reify Media team members facilitate instructional technology workshops in California

Team members Sarah Glova and Sarah Egan Warren facilitated a two-day instructional technology workshop in Orange, California for the faculty at the new Chapman University School of Pharmacy. Sarah & Sarah teaching CUSP faculty how to strategically integrate #technology into their #flipclass. @ReifyMedia — Barbi Honeycutt, PhD (@FlipItConsult) August 12, 2014 The workshop focused […]

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