Reify Media selected as one of Triangle Business Journal’s Leaders in Diversity award winners for 2017

Reify Media winner of 2017 Leaders in Diversity award

Reify Media is honored to have been selected as one of Triangle Business Journal’s Leaders in Diversity award winners for 2017. The program is designed to recognize the accomplishments of Triangle businesses, individuals, and nonprofits as they strive to reflect the diverse tapestry of backgrounds and beliefs that make the Triangle a great place to live and work.

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Our Client Sent Us Harry Potter Wands. (No, Seriously.)

Reify Media Wand

“WE GOT HARRY POTTER WANDS!” My team member Vanessa¬†burst out laughing as I jogged toward her, brandishing the box. “WHAT!? What is this?” she asked, still laughing. I smiled at her. “Barbi sent us Harry Potter wands.” I saw it click for her as she connected the dots and grinned. Earlier this year, Vanessa and […]

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Women Entrepreneurs – Words from Our Founder

Thanks to my team for sharing this clip. I certainly don’t speak for every business owner, but I know that when I started, there were so may people – who I think had good intentions – challenging me on the risks and requirements of entrepreneurship. Balancing a healthy disregard for their fears while also fueling […]

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Staying Connected at Reify Media

UPDATE: This post highlights our use of the LinkedIn tool ProFinder. In January 2017, we learned our team member Mike O’Malley was named a 2016 Standout ProFinder User!   —- What is Reify? We get that question a lot, right after being asked how to pronounce our company name. Reify (Ree-uh-fy) means to take the […]

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On Deadlines and Diapers : Lessons from the First Year of Parenthood

The Klingenberg Family

Hi there, reader. I write you from a place of relief, satisfaction, gratitude, and humility… a place otherwise known as the first year of parenthood. So brush aside the Legos and pull up a chair. I want to share with you some of what the last 12 months have taught me.

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Redress Raleigh Example: How to Tweet at an Event

I had the pleasure of attending¬†The 2015 Redress Raleigh Eco-Fashion Show this month. It was a fantastic event, and since I had the remote to my life with me (also known as my phone), I decided to do some practice tweeting and share those strategies on our blog. Why Tweet from an Event? Tweeting at […]

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