Our Client Sent Us Harry Potter Wands. (No, Seriously.)

Reify Media Wand

“WE GOT HARRY POTTER WANDS!” My team member Vanessa burst out laughing as I jogged toward her, brandishing the box. “WHAT!? What is this?” she asked, still laughing. I smiled at her. “Barbi sent us Harry Potter wands.” I saw it click for her as she connected the dots and grinned. Earlier this year, Vanessa and […]

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Women Entrepreneurs – Words from Our Founder

Thanks to my team for sharing this clip. I certainly don’t speak for every business owner, but I know that when I started, there were so may people – who I think had good intentions – challenging me on the risks and requirements of entrepreneurship. Balancing a healthy disregard for their fears while also fueling […]

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Staying Connected at Reify Media

UPDATE: This post highlights our use of the LinkedIn tool ProFinder. In January 2017, we learned our team member Mike O’Malley was named a 2016 Standout ProFinder User!   —- What is Reify? We get that question a lot, right after being asked how to pronounce our company name. Reify (Ree-uh-fy) means to take the […]

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On Deadlines and Diapers : Lessons from the First Year of Parenthood

The Klingenberg Family

Hi there, reader. I write you from a place of relief, satisfaction, gratitude, and humility… a place otherwise known as the first year of parenthood. So brush aside the Legos and pull up a chair. I want to share with you some of what the last 12 months have taught me.

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Redress Raleigh Example: How to Tweet at an Event

I had the pleasure of attending The 2015 Redress Raleigh Eco-Fashion Show this month. It was a fantastic event, and since I had the remote to my life with me (also known as my phone), I decided to do some practice tweeting and share those strategies on our blog. Why Tweet from an Event? Tweeting at […]

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Reify Media and Raleigh’s Holiday Express

Reify Media is proud to be a sponsor of the 2014 Holiday Express event at Pullen Park. Proceeds from the 2014 Holiday Express event will be donated to the local Ronald McDonald house. We provided the in-kind donation of website and social media development. We hope you’ll check out their new site, www.raleighholidayexpress.com! The site is […]

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