Creating meaningful design
to help you educate,
to help you digitize,
or both.

Who we work with


Universities launching new training initiatives or grant-backed public education programs.


Companies creating new training programs for employees or for customers.


Organizations needing to educate the public about their work and impact.


Events needing content support, engaging audience materials, or innovative event media.

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With our proven process of creating meaningful content by applying instructional design principles to digital media design,
we can create anything.

We’ve done projects for some great people, including:

How do we do it?

Simple: We focus on creating content that delivers value.

We can work on all kind of projects

It’s not about what we create, but how we create. With backgrounds in web, instructional design, graphics, video, eLearning, animation, audio, and more, we’ve got what you need to get your project done.

All our projects are custom

It’s about investing in understanding the project goals and business needs. We take our time learning about you, your target audience, your business needs, and your resources, so we can be an extension of your team and create the right content for your needs.

We want your project to deliver results

We don’t believe in technology for technology’s sake, or social media just because—let’s talk about all the tools you could use, and which ones are right for you and your audience. Let’s align the project to the results you want, and then track its success.

REIFY means to take the abstract and make it real. So let’s reify your idea.

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Who We Are

A company with
roots in education.

Let us share why we think content that educates can be the most meaningful.

Pedagogy + media + digital

We’re experts in web, instructional design, media development, and more.

Fans of value-based content.

Let’s make something your audience gets value from.

Data nerds.

From web analytics to assessment results, let’s look at the numbers.

The Reify Media Network

Since 2009, Reify Media has created custom project teams to get work done for our clients – on time and often under budget. Along the way, we’ve worked with some fantastic people and groups. Here are a few of the great organizations we work with:

Reify Media is an Award-Winning Firm

Reify Media was named one of the “Top Emerging Learning and Development Service Companies” for 2021 by Manage HR magazine

Top 10 emerging learning and development service companies

Reify Media has received separate Gold Winner and Bronze Winner awards from Horizon Interactive Awards

Horizon Interactive Awards

Reify Media received the Leader in Diversity award from The Triangle Business Journal

Leaders in Diversity from Triangle Business Journal

Our Founder

The award-winning digital media firm Reify Media was founded by Dr. Sarah Glova. Her journey as an entrepreneur began when she started freelancing in 2009, which led her to officially launch Reify Media in 2012. After that, the company grew to over half a million in revenue after only three years. Sarah, who was 26 when she started Reify, continues to be the sole owner of the self-funded company, which supports major university, corporate, and nonprofit clients across the country by creating websites, eLearning, compliance training, video, and more cutting-edge digital resources.

Sarah has a PhD in Instructional Technology, and she’s a published author and international speaker.

Want to talk more about how we can work together?

Even if you don’t have a project right now, we’d love to connect over coffee and ideas.

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