So I Ran into the Nemesis of eLearning Yesterday at the Grocery Store…

Elearning Nemesis

Leaning on my grocery cart as I waited in the checkout line, I happened to overhear part of a stranger’s phone conversation. “I have like two hours of CE that has to be done by tomorrow,” he said. “Awful stuff.” I stood straight up. I knew I shouldn’t eavesdrop, but— “It’s just useless,” he continued. […]

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Staying Connected at Reify Media

UPDATE: This post highlights our use of the LinkedIn tool ProFinder. In January 2017, we learned our team member Mike O’Malley was named a 2016 Standout ProFinder User!   —- What is Reify? We get that question a lot, right after being asked how to pronounce our company name. Reify (Ree-uh-fy) means to take the […]

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ATD Charlotte’s Day of Learning 2015: Training, Creating, Connecting

Reify Media had a great time learning, connecting, and concocting new ideas at ATD Charlotte’s Day of Learning 2015! Thanks to all who stopped by our table to share their stories. We are already looking forward to Day of Learning 2017…hope to see you there!

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Talking about Teaching and Technology

When deciding what technology to integrate into their higher education courses, instructors have to consider what works best for their students, for their content, and—perhaps most important—for them! When speaking with the six campuses that make up The Cooperating Raleigh Colleges Consortium, Reify Media President Sarah Glova focused on technology integration that supports easier, more successful integration for students and teachers.

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Carpe Momentum! Seizing the Moment in Instructional Videos

It’s a reality of instructional design: when it comes to video, learners have a short attention span.
This means we designers have a small window of opportunity to draw the learner in, convey important information, and set up the next task. Check out 5 ways you can seize that moment and make your instructional videos matter–no matter the length.

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5 Ways Micro-learning Can Enrich Your Online Course

There’s a reason Twitter, Yammer, and TED Talks are powerful forces on the web: these bite-sized platforms are engaging, digestible, and memorable.

You can harness this same power in your e-classroom by incorporating micro-learning, a new trend in education and training that’s spiked over the last few months.

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