Kolton Wade joins Reify Media Team as Instructional Designer, Elearning Developer

Kolton Wade to join Reify Media Team as Instructional Designer, Elearning Developer

Reify Media is pleased to announce that Kolton Wade has joined the Reify team as Senior Instructional Designer and E-learning Developer. Kolton’s rich background in education and his intrinsic motivation to help others add exciting collaborative potential to our e-learning division. “We’re excited to work with Kolton on projects that require a learner-focused instructional design […]

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Valuing Kindness

Valuing kindness

“Excuse me, sir, but do you have any tissues?”

Dressed in all black, I had difficulty making my voice sound normal.

“Our front desk isn’t stocked with toiletries,” the hotel receptionist started to say, looking up from his computer as he spoke. “But…”

Our eyes met, and he trailed off. I could tell he was doing the math: my black dress, my husband’s dark suit behind me… somber attire for noon on a fall day.

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Big Data is Everywhere. Use it to Engage Learners.

Big Data, Big Data, Big Data! You may be hearing and reading about it a lot right now. Yes, we know that analyzing large amounts of data can produce insights, drive decisions, and prompt action, but how can we engage our learners when talking about data and what it means? Thankfully it has now become […]

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Autumnal Inspiration: Selecting a color palette

When someone asks where to start when choosing a color palette for a new project, I say: Look around you! There are so many ideas found just outside your window (color combinations, textures, and lighting effects all inspired by nature). Or turn to your favorite stock photo website to scroll through photographs for inspiration. It’s […]

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