Low Power Mode

This week my computer charger stopped working. On Monday morning, I was just 74% battery charge away from needing a new Apple MagSafe 2 power adapter thanks to our new kitten and his needle teeth. After traipsing through stores with no luck,  I realized two things: my computer is going to die before I can […]

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Why You Should Send Your Website Backup Files to Remote Storage

It had finally happened. It’s never expected and almost always seems to happen at the most inconvenient time. One moment I’m clicking “update now” as I run routine software updates for a client, the next, I’m staring at the dreaded “White Screen of Death” where our client’s website used to be. That initial feeling of […]

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Top Web-Based Skills Emboldening Women Entrepreneurs To Succeed

Ten million Women-Owned Businesses According to the National Women’s Business Council’s 2015 report, a whopping ten million Women-Owned Businesses are operating in the United States today–and counting. Thanks to the relentless determination, creativity, and grit of a world-wide movement of women entrepreneurs, women are lifting up each other and bolstering their communities. Much goes into being […]

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Why We Need More Eclipses

Reify Media Views Eclipse at The Frontier

Yesterday was fun. Not often does the moon move across the sun. We all guessed what would happen: Would we see the stars? Would pets go crazy? End of the world, maybe? How about a T-Shirt? “I came, I saw, I got the ‘Totality’.” I wasn’t that fortunate; I settled for 93% at 2:44 PM […]

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Approaching Projects from a Problem Solving Mindset

How do you approach a new project or idea? Have you noticed any kind of pattern you follow when putting together a proposal, or writing a book, or designing a new product? This blog post shares a 3-phase process that I use as Director of Web Solutions at Reify Media, and while it’s designed to […]

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Reify Media selected as one of Triangle Business Journal’s Leaders in Diversity award winners for 2017

Reify Media winner of 2017 Leaders in Diversity award

Reify Media is honored to have been selected as one of Triangle Business Journal’s Leaders in Diversity award winners for 2017. The program is designed to recognize the accomplishments of Triangle businesses, individuals, and nonprofits as they strive to reflect the diverse tapestry of backgrounds and beliefs that make the Triangle a great place to live and work.

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