Autumnal Inspiration: Selecting a color palette

When someone asks where to start when choosing a color palette for a new project, I say: Look around you! There are so many ideas found just outside your window (color combinations, textures, and lighting effects all inspired by nature). Or turn to your favorite stock photo website to scroll through photographs for inspiration. It’s […]

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The Consistency of Performance Dilemma

Almost every morning, I encounter an officer directing traffic in front of a local school and, depending which officer is on duty, the styles are completely different. They stand in different places, on the sidewalk or in the road; they may focus on directing turning cars or stopping moving cars; they may communicate with wide […]

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Considering a new website? 5 crucial conversations to have BEFORE you hire a web designer.

Are you considering a new website? Congratulations! We hope we can save you some time, money, and headache—here are 5 questions to ask a web designer BEFORE you decide to hire them. Conversation #1: Can I see examples of your work? You want to make sure the person or agency has experience. But asking if […]

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7 Tips for Video Shoot Day

Investing in video? Congratulations! High-quality video can add so much to your website, social media presence, or online training. But video is also a big investment. Here are some tips to help you be shoot-ready: Have apple juice on standby. Most people think water, and that’s great to have too—but when you’re talking a lot on […]

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Canva is Candy for the Creative

Why I use Canva for creating social media posts, business holiday cards, event posters, and more (…even my personal wedding invitations). I love Canva. When people ask me about our social media posts, or the holiday cards we sent out last year, I can’t help but smile. Then, I ask “Have you ever used Canva?” […]

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Leading with the Benefits: Why the “P” in Presentation Prep Should be for PERSPECTIVE

sarah glova speaking

Reify Media delivered an informal presentation about LinkedIn earlier this year at a local engineering consulting firm, Porticos. If, just a few short years ago, you had asked me to facilitate a discussion about LinkedIn, I would have presented slide after PowerPoint slide of well-researched LinkedIn data. Luckily, for the Porticos engineers especially, that’s no longer my presentation style.

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