So I Ran into the Nemesis of eLearning Yesterday at the Grocery Store…

Elearning Nemesis

Leaning on my grocery cart as I waited in the checkout line, I happened to overhear part of a stranger’s phone conversation. “I have like two hours of CE that has to be done by tomorrow,” he said. “Awful stuff.” I stood straight up. I knew I shouldn’t eavesdrop, but— “It’s just useless,” he continued. […]

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Summer 2017 Color Palettes

summer color palettes

Our Summer 2017 color palettes are here, just in time for beach trips, popsicle snacks, and 4th of July festivities!

Join us for three color palette examples that highlight inspiring summer colors. We hope they add spark to your Summer 2017 projects!

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Book Review: Curation Nation, Where the Solution is You

“Curation Nation: How to Win in a World Where Consumers are Creators” by Steven Rosenbaum makes the bold and (to me, at least) refreshing claim that we are natural curators: we’ve got taste, a feel for nuance, and a sense of what matters to particular audiences. In a world that threatens to be overcome by information, “human beings are very much back in charge.”

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Vision, Values, and Veracity: The “Three V’s” of Online Community Building

online community building

Online Community Building ideas that focus on vision, values, and veracity—with plenty of examples, a couple of “don’t try this!” recommendations, and 10 ideas to get you started.

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Why Updates Are Crucial to Your WordPress Website’s Health

Updates are important for any website! But because WordPress websites are powered by open source software, it’s especially important to keep your WordPress website updated. One study in the last few years identified that more that 70% of WordPress websites were vulnerable to hacks—because the website admins were not updating WordPress, were running subversions, or were […]

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Our Client Sent Us Harry Potter Wands. (No, Seriously.)

Reify Media Wand

“WE GOT HARRY POTTER WANDS!” My team member Vanessa burst out laughing as I jogged toward her, brandishing the box. “WHAT!? What is this?” she asked, still laughing. I smiled at her. “Barbi sent us Harry Potter wands.” I saw it click for her as she connected the dots and grinned. Earlier this year, Vanessa and […]

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