Women Entrepreneurs – Words from Our Founder

Thanks to my team for sharing this clip. I certainly don’t speak for every business owner, but I know that when I started, there were so may people – who I think had good intentions – challenging me on the risks and requirements of entrepreneurship. Balancing a healthy disregard for their fears while also fueling […]

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Why You Should Consider Adding an Announcement Bar to Your Website

A recent client who integrated an announcement bar that invites users to download their webinar. Since we’re all competing against users’ 8-second attention spans, our websites need to be engaging and efficient. Many websites are adding small but punchy announcement bars to the top of their pages: they draw users in, provide a quick space […]

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Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day! Celebrating the 2017 #BeBoldForChange theme with these statistics: More than 9.4 million US firms are owned by women, employing nearly 7.9 million people, and generating $1.5 trillion in sales as of 2015, according to the 2015 Womenable report commissioned by American Express “OPEN State of Women-Owned Businesses.” Yet, the share of […]

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Valuing Kindness

Valuing kindness

“Excuse me, sir, but do you have any tissues?”

Dressed in all black, I had difficulty making my voice sound normal.

“Our front desk isn’t stocked with toiletries,” the hotel receptionist started to say, looking up from his computer as he spoke. “But…”

Our eyes met, and he trailed off. I could tell he was doing the math: my black dress, my husband’s dark suit behind me… somber attire for noon on a fall day.

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Big Data is Everywhere. Use it to Engage Learners.

Big Data, Big Data, Big Data! You may be hearing and reading about it a lot right now. Yes, we know that analyzing large amounts of data can produce insights, drive decisions, and prompt action, but how can we engage our learners when talking about data and what it means? Thankfully it has now become […]

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Staying Connected at Reify Media

UPDATE: This post highlights our use of the LinkedIn tool ProFinder. In January 2017, we learned our team member Mike O’Malley was named a 2016 Standout ProFinder User!   —- What is Reify? We get that question a lot, right after being asked how to pronounce our company name. Reify (Ree-uh-fy) means to take the […]

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