Why Updates Are Crucial to Your WordPress Website’s Health

Updates are important for any website! But because WordPress websites are powered by open source software, it’s especially important to keep your WordPress website updated. One study in the last few years identified that more that 70% of WordPress websites were vulnerable to hacks—because the website admins were not updating WordPress, were running subversions, or were […]

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Our Client Sent Us Harry Potter Wands. (No, Seriously.)

Reify Media Wand

“WE GOT HARRY POTTER WANDS!” My team member Vanessa burst out laughing as I jogged toward her, brandishing the box. “WHAT!? What is this?” she asked, still laughing. I smiled at her. “Barbi sent us Harry Potter wands.” I saw it click for her as she connected the dots and grinned. Earlier this year, Vanessa and […]

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Spring Color Palettes

Our Spring 2017 color palettes are here, just in time for the warmer weather. When creating a color palette I like to pick 3-5 colors Main Color (1) Accent Colors (2-3) Background Color (1) MAIN COLOR This one gets noticed first. The main color will help bring out certain emotions or feelings when people see […]

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The Social Media Advantage

It’s not every day you have the pleasure of sitting right behind North Carolina’s Secretary of State, Elaine F. Marshall, at an all female mentoring event. As we both took in Cindy Whitehead’s captivating keynote at BizWomen’s Mentoring Monday I happened to overhear her say to Sheila Ogle, former & longtime owner of Cary’s Matthews […]

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Being a Mentor: Not Just for Folks at the Top of the Ladder

What do you see when you picture a mentor? I realized recently that when I pictured a mentor, I pictured someone at the height of her career – someone who’d reached the top of a ladder and accomplished all her goals. I didn’t picture someone like myself, since I still have goals I want to […]

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Women Entrepreneurs – Words from Our Founder

Thanks to my team for sharing this clip. I certainly don’t speak for every business owner, but I know that when I started, there were so may people – who I think had good intentions – challenging me on the risks and requirements of entrepreneurship. Balancing a healthy disregard for their fears while also fueling […]

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