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When deciding what technology to integrate into their higher education courses, instructors have to consider what works best for their students, for their content, and—perhaps most important—for them! When speaking with the six campuses that make up The Cooperating Raleigh Colleges Consortium, Reify Media President Sarah Glova focused on technology integration that supports easier, more successful integration for students and teachers.

In a workshop titled “Technology and Teaching: Strategies for easier integration and improved student engagement,” Sarah focused on the value of a pedagogy-first approach to instructional technology integration while providing a chance for faculty in attendance to practice using tools that can improve student learning and engagement.

The CRC workshop attendees, representing Shaw University, Saint Augustine’s University, William Peace University, NC State University, Meredith College, and Wake Tech, worked individually and in groups to evaluate case studies of tech integration and to post their responses in different example backchannels.

At the end of the workshop, each participant was given a different example of technology integration to take with them:


Whether you were a workshop participant or are just interested in technology and teaching, we hope you’ll connect with us so we can hear more about your ideas and concerns regarding teaching and technology.

Sarah’s slides from the workshop:


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