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Helping organizations unlock potential with professional development.

Sarah Glova, CEO of Reify Media, leading a workshop


Training Building workshops and/or eLearning content with long-lasting outcomes.

Masterminds Actionable mastermind programs for ERGs, leadership groups, and more.

Facilitation Facilitation for all-hands meetings, roundtables, or leadership retreats.

Evaluation Evaluating your programs and sharing actionable recommendations.

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Reify Media is an Award-Winning Firm

Reify Media was named one of the “Top Emerging Learning and Development Service Companies” for 2021 by Manage HR magazine

Reify Media has received separate Gold Winner and Bronze Winner awards from Horizon Interactive Awards

Reify Media received the Leader in Diversity award from The Triangle Business Journal

Founder and CEO Sarah Glova

Our Founder

The award-winning digital media firm Reify Media was founded by Dr. Sarah Glova, a globally recognized speaker, successful entrepreneur, university instructor, and business consultant.

Dr. Glova is known for translating complicated technical trends into authentic discussions and leading business groups with actionable tools to augment individual performance and company growth. She founded Reify Media in 2012; after that, the company grew to over half a million in annual revenue after only three years. She continues to be the sole owner of the self-funded company.

With a Ph.D. in Instructional Technology and a Master of Science in Technical Communication, she is dedicated to cultivating forward-thinking work environments.

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