Kristine Sloan

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Kristine SloanExecutive Director of Leadership Triangle
How do you support women?

First, women are easy to support. We are incredible. Second, I intentionally amplify women online, volunteer my time with women-led organizations, donate every month to women-led organizations, babysit their children, and cheerlead.

What helps you feel calm?

Walking in the woods. I like noticing all of the small things around me and I like keeping my body in motion.

I'm consistently working on aligning my actions with my core values of justice, authenticity, and interdependence."

What's something you've rated 5 Stars?

"Nachos from Blue Note Grill in Durham.

With pulled pork and extra sour cream. I don't feel like I need to explain why."

"Some days I feel abundant and brave, and others I'm disappointed with myself.


Where will we find you in retirement?

"Welding, making ceramics, and napping 2 hours a day at minimum."

Tell us about your greatest accomplishment

"I tend to be more of a systems thinker, so forgive me here, but I'm most proud of how I've spent my time over the course of my adult life. Think: travel, van-life, therapy, anti-racism education, wine."

What's the most adventurous thing you've ever done—and would you do it again?

"I hiked an active volcano in the DRC and I would do it again tomorrow."

Kristine Sloan

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