Julia Wuench

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I’m a leadership and career coach and I work to empower clients to feel more confident at work and in life.”

Julia WuenchMBA, Founder of The Authenticity Guide
What’s something you’re working on?

A handstand! I've never been able to do one, and my 30s feels like the right time.

Tell us about something you’re proud of

Launching my business, The Authenticity Guide. When my first client got a job from our work together and told me our coaching work was transformative, that was when I felt like I achieved success!

What’s something you recently rated 5 stars?

My friend wrote a book about quitting, and I gave it 5 stars because I'm all about the positive power of quitting when something doesn't serve you!

Also, heated socks because I'm a cold feet person.

I want my business to run profitably without me! This would mean pure independence and I would really feel like I made it.

Do you have a mantra?

You are enough.

On bad days, I tend to tie my achievements to my self-worth. This mantra reminds me that I'm enough as I am, sans achievements or accolades. I then find that I actually succeed more from this place of fullness, not scarcity.

Do you mind sharing something you’ve struggled with?

Current and ongoing: infertility.

I work to overcome it every day. I have learned that being a woman, fertile or not, takes enormous courage. I have learned to weather that which I cannot control.

Where do you find calm?

Mini-mindfulness, going for walks, rubbing my dog's belly, laughing, and dance parties with my husband.

What something adventurous you’ve done? Would you do it again?

Hang gliding and/or scuba diving. YES AND YES, ALL THE YES!

How do you support women?

Pro bono coaching for necessity driven female entrepreneurs, coaching with female emerging leaders, bringing my everything into my sacred female friendships.

Julia Wuench

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