Hannah Kim

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I create / make stickers, design logos, water color, and anything in between.”

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

"The moment I opened my Etsy shop last fall. To be able to plan and set goals, and achieve them was and is, pretty rewarding!"

How would you describe your perspective?

"I honestly didn't open my shop for profit. It was to share my work and have it organically grow into something more."

One of my goals is to paint not just Hanbok dresses, but to be able to paint dresses from different cultures and share them."

"My goal is to give folks something to smile about and be inspired by my creations."

"A close acquaintance of mine asked me to custom paint a girl with traditional Thai dress for her niece's birthday. She told me that her little niece was awestruck with the painting and wanted to see what other things I've made."

"She showed her niece my IG account and I was told that she's been a fan ever since! It literally made me cry from happiness and humbling to know that my work captivated someone as young as a 6 year old girl."

What's your day-to-day mantra?

"One step at a time"

"I get overwhelmed easily so this helps me take a step back and finish what I need to do or not do that day."

What's a personal or professional goal you'd like to accomplish?

"To be able to turn my spark on and off at will is a skillset I'd like to hone."

What are some words of encouragement that you like to share?

"Having fun, staying positive and experimenting is the best to have when you start creating. Let your imagination take you!"

What's something you're geeking out about right now?

"I geek about a lot of things pertaining to stationery and analogue tools. I'm currently into collecting rubber stamps and cute postcards and washitapes! Or any homegoods that have a minimalist feel."

Where will we find you in retirement?

"In my little workshop, painting away or maybe teaching kids how to paint and/or craft or just sitting in a comfy chair with a journal in hand and a cup of coffee or tea in the other."

Hannah Kim

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