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Dr. Sackeena

I help leaders transform the way they think, lead, work, and live to accomplish their most meaningful goals and experience life fulfillment.”

Dr. Sackeena Gordon-JonesMaster Certified Coach
What accomplishment are you most proud of?

"Developing and facilitating a transformational coach training program for organizations. After training the special operations forces, I started receiving emails like:
'Ma'am, we saved a life today!'"

What's a goal that you'd like to accomplish?

"Transition my business into the hands of another. This means that the work of transformation outlives me; it gets better and goes beyond me. It means everyday another human gets to flourish."

What's something you're working on?

"Perfectionism. I learned that if I put in the preparation work, then I am as good as I'll be in this moment."

What are your views on advocacy?

"I believe in using my voice and speaking for justice."

"Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's words that stood out for me years ago:
'Being a drum major for justice'."

What's your day-to-day mantra?

"Lord, help me to see what you see, hear what you hear, and do what you'd do."

"This helps me to not allow my filters/biases to get in the way or derail the best that I could be and/or contribute."

What's the most adventurous thing that you've done?

"Driving from the east coast to the mid-west."

Where will we find you in retirement?

"Coaching at the beach!"

What's something you're working on that's still in progress?

"Self-Regard - the degree to which I value myself. I have a tendency to put everyone else before myself, and then self-care diminishes, Now I put my energy management as a priority in my calendar."

What's something you wish you'd known about 10 years ago?

"Energy Management."

Dr. Sackeena Gordon-Jones

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