Spring Color Palettes

Our Spring 2017 color palettes are here, just in time for the warmer weather.

When creating a color palette I like to pick 3-5 colors

  • Main Color (1)
  • Accent Colors (2-3)
  • Background Color (1)


This one gets noticed first. The main color will help bring out certain emotions or feelings when people see your marketing piece or website. Different colors attract different people or different markets. It’s a good idea to do some color research if you are trying to reach a certain demographic or sell a particular product. You can find some great color theory articles online or stay tuned for my next post on marketing with color.


These colors are great for highlighting parts of your design like customer testimonials, buttons, or subheadings. You can use one color as an accent or use different tones, shades, or hues of that color to get a larger variety. If you get stuck, try to use a photo to draw inspiration from. If you are choosing from a stock photo website, most of them have options to search by color, which is a great starting point.


You need a place for the eye to rest: a nice backdrop that compliments the color palette and doesn’t compete with the messaging colors. This can be a bold dark color that helps the other colors pop off of it. Or go with a really light smooth color that blends everything together. 

Here are three examples that highlight some gorgeous spring colors to inspire your Spring 2017 projects.

Palette 01 – Peas and Thank You

Take a bite of a fresh cucumber while enjoying this first color palette, which draws inspiration from a healthy dose of garden colors and spring greens.

Great for: food blogs, nutrition websites, spring brunch invitations


Palette 02 – Pretty in Pink

This delicate, feminine color palette is in full bloom and ready to draw your eye, with neutral grays and blues to keep the overall tone clean and professional.

Great for: Shower invites, save the dates, personal shoppers websites, yoga studios


Palette 03 – Puddle Jump

This third palette puts the spring into good clean fun. Drawing from that springtime energy that gets us outdoors – even in April showers – this palette has youthful liveliness that will make your content pop.

Great for: Kids events, lawn care advertising, marketing materials with a “playful” message, carwash ads, education websites

Use these ideas to create your color palette. Or if you need more ideas, check out, a cool website to play around with colors. And of course, let us know if we can help bring some color and style to your marketing or training products. Until next time, happy coloring – and Happy Spring!


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