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I create spaces that level the playing field for women of color in tech.”

Jannie FernandezProgram Manager at Reboot Representation
How would you describe your outlook?

"Positive with a chance of greatness!
I have always been an optimist, and I think it's a contagious trait that helps others see the possibilities when they don't see them for themselves."

What's something you wish you had known 10 years ago?

"That the tech field offered so many opportunities. I wish programs like TECHNOLOchicas were around to inspire me to pursue a career in STEM."

"I come from a matriarchy that showed me the importance of celebrating and uplifting women."

"I'm committed to cheering on women in any way I can and make them feel seen."

I'd love to bring similar opportunities to those I offer here in the U.S. to women in Colombia, my home country, because I've seen first hand how empowered women uplift entire communities."

What's your day-to-day mantra?

There's no payoff in self-doubt.

No one should believe in you more than yourself! It reminds me that I need to bet on me every single day and that criticism, unless it's constructive, only aims to hurt.

What's the last thing you rated 5 Stars?

The podcast "An Intimate Conversations with Women of Color" by Deneen L. Garrett

What's something you're working on that's in progress?

"I am collaborating on a project that aims to create entrepreneurial tech opportunities for Central American women. I am deeply connected to the mission, so we are working with a lot of intention!"

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

"Building a supportive community that elevates the contributions of Latinas in tech, giving them visibility, showing the next generation of tech innovators that they belong in this space makes me proud."

Jannie Fernandez

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