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I enhance well-being and increase mindfulness for educators and corporate audiences by creating playful learning experiences.”

Dawn DariaEducation Director (Flow Circus) & Engagement Specialist (Energizing Events)
What accomplishment are you most proud of?

"Turning the 'we’ll try this for a year' experiment of working with my husband into a 14-year sustainable business. Still on-going and always adapting, but we’ve made it through 2008 & now a pandemic!"

What's a goal that you've yet to accomplish?

"Utilizing our tools and programs to have a bigger positive impact on teacher and student well-being. We add a kinesthetic element to SEL and mindfulness programs that’s needed in schools now more than ever."

What's something you've been working on?

"I’m excited to have just released a new Wellness Pack of Flop Balls. They’re for everyone, but I designed them and this webpage to support them with busy, working moms in mind."

I start each day with a walk. Clears my head, resets my energy for the day, and gets me outside enjoying nature."

How do you support other women?

"I helped to grow the Women’s Business Alliance in my community’s Chamber of Commerce. I have several circles of women that I meet with regularly to give and get support. When out-sourcing parts of our business such as graphic design or accounting, we primarily utilize women owned businesses."

"And on a personal level, not having kids of my own, I get to be part of what Elizabeth Gilbert called the 'Auntie Brigade' in her book Committed. I’m part of the team of 'responsible, compassionate, childless women on hand to support the wider community in a variety of ways.' Both biological and chosen, I have a number of kids that call me 'Auntie Dawn' and women that sometimes just need to hear, 'I’ve got you.'"

What's a struggle that you've overcome?

"Living with migraines."

"Being mindful of what I eat helps. Once they hit - pushing through the pain and trying to control the situation doesn't work. Rest, slowing down, and listening to my body are key."

What's the last thing you rated 5 Stars?

"'We Can Do Hard Things' podcast with Glennon Doyle. Real, honest conversations with her sister and other guests. They’re sometimes emotional to listen to, but I’m always glad I did."

What's something you're working on that's in progress?

"Learning Italian - planning a trip to Italy next year for our 20th anniversary :) Started last month with Duolingo and so far - brava!"

What's something you wish you had known 10 years ago?

"Your body is about to take you on a roller coaster ride (I'm 49)! Get plenty of sleep - it helps."

What's something you're geeking out about right now?

"Copywriting - I’ve always loved writing, but have more of an academic approach that doesn’t work for marketing (translation: I use too many words!). I recently took a class and am practicing."

What is the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

"I was 22 and starting my first week of law school. Excited until I started classes and my gut growled, 'Wrong move!' I left without a plan. I disappointed people. But it kicked-off a newfound trust in myself."

Dawn Daria

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