Putting the Power in PowerPoint: 3 Tools to Help You Crush Your Presentation

You’ve heard that old Seinfeld joke—people at a funeral would rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy. Yikes! But that joke points to something that probably rings true for you, doesn’t it? Public speaking can be knee-knocking, sweaty-hands, short-of-breath scary for just about everybody.

But remember, even the world’s best orators had to begin by sweating it out first!

Those excellent presenters—the ones who draw you in, make you care, and send you away with new things to think about—they aren’t good at public speaking just by luck. They use a few simple tricks to prepare their slides and commentary well, feel confident in the moment, and follow up effectively. And you can use those tricks too!

Check out a few of our favorite resources for PowerPoint design and public speaking prowess. We’d love to hear your favorites too! 

Resources for PowerPoint Presentations and Public Speaking

How to Give an Awesome (PowerPoint) Presentation

This quick and engaging animated video prompts you to question every detail of your presentation… and only keep what moves you toward your goal. It includes practical tips for what to keep, what to ditch, and how to engage with your audience.

7 Powerful Public Speaking Tips From One of the Most-Watched TED-talk Speakers

This list of concrete tips will help you appear confident, actually feel confident, and leave your audience confident that you know your stuff.

Eliminating the Dreaded “Um” 

You know you do it. Um…we all do. But this filler word doesn’t add a thing to your presentation and can distract your audience. Nix the habit with these handy tips.

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