Porticos Press Releases: Spreading the word about innovation

Porticos is a product design and development company, an engineering consulting firm with innovation at its core. Their slogan, product design for the way we’re designed, showcases their focus: engineering experience paired with product expertise.

As a consultant for leading companies, for novel start-ups, and for military organizations, Porticos excels in all directions. But to help showcase those areas, they needed web support from Reify Media. We’ve partnered with Porticos to help them develop an in-depth portfolio, a service-minded LinkedIn page, and-most important-a frequently updated news section.

Each month, Porticos will highlight their latest product development experiences in their news section, sharing press releases with customers and potential clients to help showcase their newer portfolio items. Our role? We help to develop the press releases, writing and editing the content; we also help to share the press releases, publishing the news in an e-mail newsletter, through social media, and on the website. We’ve enjoyed helping Porticos with these projects and look forward to a continued partnership.

If  you’re considering a new portfolio, social media presence, or news section for your brand, consider talking with us. At Reify, we help to take your ideas and make them real.

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