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Self-titled Open Mic Tourist and Poet in Progress Anna Weaver aims to read in all 50 states, starting with the lower 48, by 2020. So far she’s up to eight, including events in Chicago, Savannah, Nashville, Las Vegas, NYC, Charleston, and all around North Carolina’s Triangle region (where she calls home).

Reify Media built Anna a website to help her track her progress, record her adventures, and share her poetry with the world.

Highlights of Anna’s Website Development Project

A customized header that features an embedded contact form.

Annaweaver-headerAnna wanted to make it as easy as possible for her site visitors to be able to contact her and invite her to open mic events; therefore we embedded the contact form in the header area for easy access and used action language to prompt users to suggest events.

An interactive sidebar map that automatically updates when Anna tags her location in her posts.

Annaweaver-mapAnna wanted to be able to share her open mic tour with her readers in a way that was appealing and easy to see all at once. The interactive map was a clean and easy-to-update way of doing that.

Visitors can hover over the colored map markers and see the states Anna has been to and how many of her posts are associated with that location. When the markers are clicked, all the associated posts for that state are listed on the page.

Social media integration, with Anna’s Twitter feed (@notanna96) directly embedded.

Easy-to-view block-style display of Anna’s poems on the Poems page


Anna has many publications listed on various locations throughout the web. She wanted a page that served as a sort of portfolio where visitors could quickly see her work and where to find it.

By utilizing a grid system to display her work, it allowed for the varying lengths of text to still look uniform and made the page easier to navigate .

A custom favicon that matches Anna’s site color palette.

Annaweaver-favicon To add another custom element, another POP of color, we added a custom favicon.

A mobile-friendly, easy to update WordPress-based site for a poet on the go!

Having a mobile-friendly website is a must for everyone, but especially Anna.

As someone who is constantly accessing her site while on-the-go, and connecting with others who will also most likely view her site from a mobile device, having a responsive website was essential.

Anna’s Thoughts

When we asked Anna about the project, she wrote:

Working with you has been terrific! I appreciate the way you took time to understand what I want to accomplish with my blog and create a design that reflects the ‘me’ I want to be online. Your vision for the macro design and the details really synced up with my goals.


Check Anna out at Congratulations on your new web space, Anna!

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