7 Tips for Video Shoot Day

Investing in video? Congratulations! High-quality video can add so much to your website, social media presence, or online training. But video is also a big investment. Here are some tips to help you be shoot-ready:

  1. Have apple juice on standby. Most people think water, and that’s great to have too—but when you’re talking a lot on camera, apple juice helps wet the whistle better than water. Trust us!
  2.  Bring straws. That way, if your team members are sipping on water (or apple juice!), there’s less chance of them spilling on clothes or messing up makeup.
  3. Bring blotting cloths. This will help take the shine away. Sometimes the lights are bright and hot, other times people just sweat when they’re nervous. Blotting cloths will help decrease shine and the camera won’t pick it up.
  4. Make sure everyone knows you’re recording. “Quiet on the set” means no phone calls, limited background noise, and no intercom interruptions. The most frustrating feeling is when a perfect take is ruined by an unsilenced ringtone, a fire-alarm test, or an under-construction HVAC system.
  5. Plan outfit(s) ahead of time. If you want to match company colors, make sure the team knows well in advance. Black or a darker color or even a coat can help hide sweat. When in doubt, ask participants to bring more than one option.
  6. Use an iPad as a teleprompter. A free teleprompter app will help with lines and you can place it next to the recording equipment, so it looks like you’re looking into the camera. If you don’t have an iPad, use cards or a white board. Make sure the writing is big enough so the person being recorded isn’t squinting. Also remember to keep the noise down when changing posters.
  7. Check that smile. Floss or a tooth brush are good to keep on set if you’re recording after a meal.

Every video shoot is different. Sometimes clients request professionals to help with hair and makeup, which does make a difference and makes the video look more professional. But it’s not necessary, or even right, for everyone.

Depending on what the video is about, we suggest that clients do a little brainstorming before shoot day. What is your brand about, and how do you see that being expressed through the video? What should the video convey? Collaborate with your team to decide on things like wardrobe, hair and makeup, and even the backdrop. It helps inspire the team to be more excited about the video, and makes them feel a part of the process.

Lights, camera, action!

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