Why Updates Are Crucial to Your WordPress Website’s Health

Updates are important for any website! But because WordPress websites are powered by open source software, it’s especially important to keep your WordPress website updated. One study in the last few years identified that more that 70% of WordPress websites were vulnerable to hacks—because the website admins were not updating WordPress, were running subversions, or were not updating plugins. This is 100% preventable!

So when it comes to your WordPress website, performing routine backups and running software updates is imperative to the overall health and success of your website. Why do updates protect your site, you ask?

Security Patches

We always make sure to install security software on all of our client’s websites before the end of a project, but protecting your site goes beyond the launch of a website. When software updates are released they often patch vulnerabilities that may leave your website open to malicious behavior. You want to make sure you’re proactive in keeping your website up-to-date; the experience of cleaning up a hacked website can be quite a nightmare. In the words of WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg, “Upgrading is taking your vitamins; fixing a hack is open heart surgery.”

Fixing Issues

WordPress and many developers of some of our favorite plugins are constantly improving their software. When bugs or issues are discovered in previous versions of core WordPress files, or in theme and plugin software, updates resolve them.

New Features and Better Functionality

Some updates may contain added features or additional changes that improve functionality and performance, compatibility with other software, or an update may aim to enhance the user’s experience.

Don’t Forget–Backup Your Site Before Doing Updates!

Before running any updates, make sure to take a backup of your website first! That way, if an update temporarily takes your website down, you can restore your website to a previous version and troubleshoot from there. Read the Updating WordPress documentation for in-depth details.

We understand that these tasks may be inconvenient and uncomfortable for some, and we want to make sure you feel secure and supported. If you’re interested in having us handle these important tasks for you, please contact us today to discuss monthly and hourly service options and fees.

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