Sarah Glova

Sarah created Reify Media in 2009, but truthfully, she’s been coding websites since she was 10. Her lifelong passion for integrating writing and technology fueled her former career as a technical writer for groups like IBM and the State of North Carolina, and for many years, she taught online and in-person technical writing courses to undergraduate engineers at North Carolina State University. She’s spoken internationally to educators and businesses about online education, active learning strategies, engaging the adult learner, social media in education and in business, and more.

As the President of Reify Media, Sarah studies trends in web development, instructional design, pedagogy, user experience, and technology, working to ensure that her company’s deliverables are cutting edge and user friendly. She also strives to create an environment where her team members feel supported and challenged, which in turn helps her team members support Reify’s amazing clients and partners.

Sarah loves loving Raleigh and balancing her roles as Mom, wife, daughter, and life-long student. She is an avid reader, a sporadic runner, a self-described comma nerd, and a zealous coffee addict.

“I love when people ask us, ‘What does Reify mean?’ I came across the word in grad school and felt an immediate connection. It’s a verb that means, ‘to take the abstract and make it real.’ At the time, I was brainstorming names for a company that I wanted to create: a company that would do more than just make web products. I wanted to create a company that helped clients feel ownership for the products that were created for them—a company whose clients felt heard, felt as though their ideas had jumped from their heads into the web in a beautifully designed way. To me, the word ‘Reify’ immediately represented that, and no matter how our services change or what technology we adapt to, we’ll always be rooted in that core service of helping our clients turn their abstract ideas into a reality.”