Mike O’Malley

Getting back to his entrepreneurial roots, Mike joined Reify Media after spending several years working with large corporate learning groups at Allscripts, Cisco and Lenovo. A former board President of ATD (Association for Talent Development), Mike brings insight into the industry and a large network of expertise to call upon.

As Director of Instructional Design for Reify, Mike enjoys helping clients and customers try new things—trends they may have thought about, heard, or seen but haven’t had the opportunity to test. He enjoys brainstorming out-of-the-box ideas (no matter how wacky) as well as translating theory into practice: not just talking through theory but applying it to projects and executing.

As a self-described wannabe survivalist and outdoorsman, Mike dreams of making fire with a bow drill. He’s a collector of all things old and miscellaneous—especially if found at flea markets—that never seem to find a home at his house, and he’s a flooring installation expert (wood or tile). He has a wide variety of interests and loves to share random facts and stories.

Mike believes in the power of connections and real, authentic networking: finding good people; connecting people; synthesizing ideas and people; and bringing things together.