Voiceover: Narration for Tax-Related E-Learning Courses

Narration Services for E-learning

When we are lucky enough to work with clients more than once, we often find ourselves telling them: “We want to make it as easy as possible for you to work with us.” That’s been one of our main goals when developing a relationship with the American Institute of CPAs, or ACIPA.

By working directly with their Learning and Instructional Systems team, we’ve gotten to know many of the fantastic project managers and instructional designers. We appreciate that when they are ready to integrate professional narration into their e-learning courses, they contact us.

Our staff works diligently to provide quality narration as quickly as possible. We work directly from their storyboards, creating transcripts and confirming pronunciation as needed, so that the great team at AICPA can focus on what they do best—developing engaging learning materials that promote and protect the CPA designation.

Through the many projects with AICPA, we’ve supported American English, British English, and Spanish courses, as well as provided diverse accents and readings for a variety of characters.