Moodle Learning Solutions: Custom Moodle Installation for Research Center

Moodle Learning Solutions - Moodle Customization

During the curriculum re-design of the Road Safety 101 course, The UNC Highway Safety Research Center (HSRC) and Road Safety Academy (RSA) were evaluating Learning Management Systems in order to migrate more content online and reach more learners by reducing in-person requirements to attend instructor-led sessions. HSRC was looking for a cost-effective and rapidly deployed Learning Management System that was easy to scale and customize.

Reify Media implemented Moodle, customized to fit look and feel requested by the client. User facing front end functionality of the Moodle site included forums, online link banks, lecture materials, resources, videos, and integration with Blackboard Collaborate for on-line class meetings. In addition, payment processing and student registration processes were customized to fit the client’s workflow. The Moodle site can be scaled based on the number of students and house the current and upcoming HSRC courses. Back end/admin functionality includes the necessary reporting and tracking capabilities.

HSRC is now able to offer more courses to their audiences, meet specific curriculum needs, and adapt to changing learner preferences.

The Reify Media Moodle Solution includes:

  • Hosting Setup – Setup of a domain, hosting space, and Moodle installation.
  • Prototype and Testing – Creation of a prototype that demonstrates major functionality, including Moodle setup, basic course shells, and integration with payment and registration; customize prototype to match client branding.
  • Delivery and Training – Provide training for any staff who request assistance learning how to use the Moodle platform.
  • Transfer – Transfer Moodle content onto client servers when requested or continue to host with Reify.
  • Support – For up to one year: quarterly review of courses and participant activity logs; on-demand support for client administrators and course participants as needed

Moodle Learning Solutions - Moodle Customization 2