Module Development: Continuing Medical Education about the PCMH (Patient Centered Medical Home) Model

Module Development - Continuing Medical Education E-Learning Modules

A series of modules about the Patient Centered Medical Home—an emerging model of patient care–was part of an initiative with The Center for Educational Excellence (CEE) within the Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI). It was created to serve 9 medical centers within the University of North Texas Health Sciences Center community.

The module series needed to cover big-picture questions about the new model of care while also addressing day-to-day details of implementing PCMH. Changing the culture of medical practices can be a confusing and inefficient process, and DCRI wanted educational modules that would help explain practical steps while also describing the benefits of the process. As such, the modules were created to help prepare practitioners to adapt their processes and staff’s habits to meet the PCMH goals while also helping practitioners see the benefits of re-aligning their practice’s focus.  Additionally, they wanted to prepare practitioners to gain NCQA PCMH Recognition.

To accomplish the project goals, the team at Reify Media partnered with industry subject-matter experts, met the Continuing Medical Education requirements, and developed custom media to support participant learning and engagement. Because each user needs different information to implement PCMH, Reify created modules that invite self-selection of roles, and include branching topics and printable quick-reference guides.

Now North Texas practitioners have a research-based, personalized resource for making Patient Centered Medical Home a reality in their practices, re-focusing care on community-based attention to patient needs.