Company name consulting and logo design for Trachtman Consulting

We began working with Trachtman Consulting at the most exciting stage of the business: the beginning.

Our first task was to help owner Larry Trachtman explore company name possibilities. We had several discussions, did some research, and presented him with multiple options. We talked through them together and picked three to try out.


After seeing the designs, Larry knew what he wanted, and Trachtman Consulting was born. Once we had the name, we created another series of concepts, to help him identify design possibilities that fit with his new company’s vision


The final step was revising his favorite concept, discussing colors, formats, and layout.

“I had the pleasure of working with Reify Media on the concept and logo for my new consulting company. We spoke and met in person. The project team at Reify asked great questions and listened to my ideas about my business, my brand, the look and feel that I desired. They showed me several initial concepts, and working together we refined those into 3 final designs. After a subsequent conversation, Reify took desired elements of the 3 concepts and came up with my final name, logo and color scheme. I was extremely pleased; the brand represents my company and how I would like to be portrayed to prospective clients. Thank you Reify, great job!”

Larry Trachtman, President
Trachtman Consulting

Of course, when the project wrapped, we provided Trachtman Consulting with the native logo files, with publish- and print-ready files, and with some brand guide tips. As with all our design clients: once the final product is delivered, the designed is owned by our client, not by us.

Thank you, Larry, for this wonderful chance to work with you!