Brochure design for client with new brand

We could see from her expression that, even though we’d been talking together for 30 minutes, she wasn’t satisfied with the information we were sharing.

“Is there something about this that concerns you the most?” Sarah (link to Sarah G’s page) asked. Dr. Brown, who was sitting with her for our first web consultation, sighed.

“There’s just so much to do,” she said. “I want to start building my brand but it sounds like a web site will take a while. And I have events coming up this month that I need flyers for.”

Sarah smiled and made a show of pushing her notes about the website discussion to the side.

“Let’s begin again, then,” she said. “We don’t HAVE to start with a website. What’s the next piece of marketing material you need, and when do you need it by?”

Dr. Brown smiled at this and admitted that she needed a brochure for an event the following week. We could see that she was nervous about the timeline.

“Great!” Sarah said. Let’s start there.”

And we did. Going off her previous website and her preferences for color and text, we created a brochure in less than three days, working with her directly until revisions had it exactly as she wanted.


We followed that with a flyer the next week, working on a similar tight turnaround:


We know how important websites are when entrepreneurs and businesses are building their brand. But sometimes that’s not where you can put your energy. We love working with our clients on whatever solutions are most important to them, and we can work on their schedule—even if that means designing a brochure before creating a new website!