New Adventures for Piedmont Wildlife Center

Reify Media was very excited to partner with Piedmont Wildlife Center to complete not only their website redesign, but also the creation of a new graphics identity package and rebrand of their logo.

Brand Identity for Piedmont Wildlife Center

Piedmont Wildlife Center Inspiring was founded in 2003, and their mission is to help people develop a positive, lifelong connection with nature. PWC encourages active engagement in conservation through a community-oriented approach to nature education, leadership development and conservation science.

When PWC approached us about a redesign, we sought to understand this approach. What we learned is that PWC engages with children, teens, and adults, offering programming unique to those age brackets and interests. We also learned that PWC is about empowering; they help individuals learn what they can do to have an impact, they encourage citizen science, and they share information about conservation tips that can be used by anyone, anywhere.

As we developed a new logo for PWC, we worked to integrate their energy, their wise ambassadors (whoo, whoo anyone?), and their mission of connecting people with nature. The resulting logo is a comprehensive yet simple statement: people, animals, nature.
Piedmont Wildlife Center logo

Website Redesign for Piedmont Wildlife Center

We focused on an engaging, vibrant, user-friendly design while also dedicating ourselves to a new information architecture that allows their key constituents—from those that want to feel more connected to nature and the outdoors to teachers and students to donors and volunteers—to easily and effectively engage with PWC’s content in a clean, W3C-validated site.

Every element was designed with the goal of bringing the website visitor closer to PWC’s mission, with the hope of involving that visitor in PWC’s next event or fundraiser.

PWC - Meet Our Ambassadors

Why WordPress?

The PWC staff and volunteers will be maintaining this site, updating it daily. With WordPress, we can easily give members and volunteers at PWC the ability to make edits and updates as needed. We also built the permissions so that the site would be protected. Edits can be reverted easily, as needed.

Employees and volunteers have unique log ins, and new logins can be added easily.

Website Design Goals

• Brand new logo
• Engaging, vibrant, user-friendly site design, customized to PWC
• Vibrant colors throughout
• More integration of animals and their personality
• Focus on camps and easy-to-locate registration information

Website Functionality Implemented

• Integration of custom design
• Engaging, unique functionality (ex. Ambassadors page!)
• Events calendar with registration integration
• Custom-developed Ambassadors page and employees section
• Blog
• Programs page
• Contact form
• Search capability
• Mobile responsive layout
• Advanced SEO setup

Applications Integrated

• iContact (for newsletter signups)
• Program registration software (Active Network)
• Social media (for sharing pages)
• PayPal, Network for Good and DonationPay (for online donations)
• Google Analytics