Coffee Infographic – The IMPACT of Drinking Coffee

Our March 2018 coffee infographic is here! The IMPACT of Drinking Coffee. Download, sip, share, repeat!

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We’re not a coffee company – we just like coffee (a lot)

Reify Media provides web design, instructional design, eLearning development, and graphic design services to clients across the country. But we like coffee – a lot – so for fun, we design coffee-themed infographics.

Locally in our hometown of Raleigh, NC, we get to know our neighbors by hosting pop-up free coffee events at coworking spaces. We call these monthly events “Coffee & Ideas”. We hope you’ll visit for the next #CoffeeandIdeas—click here for more details—or celebrate from afar with more coffee-themed infographics. ☕

This month’s Coffee & Ideas theme: IMPACT. Our Coffee-Themed Infographic, The Impact of Drinking Coffee focuses on the impact we can all have through each cup of coffee.



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