Adapt to Your Audience

This morning, a web client walked us through one of her more complex service models. While the service made sense to her—and would to others in her field—we were a bit flabbergasted.

Still, thanks to her patient and organized explanation, we eventually not only understood the service model but also believed in its value. She put it in terms that we could understand.

mental floss article

18 Complicated Scientific Ideas Explained Simply: Mental Floss.

The experience reminded me of one of my favorite Mental Floss articles: 18 Complicated Scientific Ideas Explained Simply. The article invites 18 different scientists to explain their complex fields (from paleomagnetism to immunology) using only the 1,000 most frequent English words. What a great example. Words are just tools, after all, and finding the right tool for any job makes all the difference.

Which brings me back to our client meeting this morning. Thanks to our client’s patient and simple explanation of a complex idea, we have a new understanding of her services. As her web design company, we can’t wait to capture that on her site, explaining her services more clearly for potential customers.

Definitions are not concrete; it’s important to adapt your message to your audience.

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